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Shower Water Filters

If you're looking for the great benefits of softer hair and skin, you'll get them when you install a shower filtration system. There are many different kinds of filters out there but a shower filter works directly with your shower so that you get the full benefit of filtered water. You can get softer, smoother hair, and clearer, softer skin, while avoiding the drying effects of tap water, especially tap water with chlorine in it and not have to go through the expense and time of installing a whole house filtration system.

Benefits of a Shower Filter

There are more benefits to a shower filter than just how it can make you look. When showering, you take in ten to fifty percent more contaminants than you would have if you were just drinking contaminated water. Using a shower filtration system removes that risk, as well as many other benefits:

The benefits that come from a shower filter are, of course, from the entire filter system which works very economically and quickly.

How the Shower Filter Works

The shower filter system works by simply installing it by removing the regular showerhead and screwing on the filter. There is no additional plumbing that needs to be done, nor the need to call in any professionals to do it. Water flows through the filter, removing chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, and cysts, before coming out at the normal water pressure. Most filters only have to be changed every six months and have a comparable cost to how much you'll spend on extra conditioner and body lotion. If a whole house filter isn't for you but you still want the benefits of filtered water in the shower, then a shower filtration system is for you. From softer hair and skin, to the economic water usage, there is no better reason to get a water filter for your shower today!

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