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Aquasana AQ-4055 Premium Under-Sink Install Kit In Brushed Nickel

Giving your Aquasana AQ-4000 Above Sink Water Filtration System a professional under-sink system look is simple with the AQ-4055 Premium Under-Sink Install Kit In Brushed Nickel. This attractive design that is popular in newer homes uses a high-grade porcelain internal valve for a smooth, effortless on/off motion. This kit also provides an attractive, durable, lead-free, and maintenance-free system. There are no o-rings or washers to replace and no mineral build-up problems.

While this doesn’t come with the original AQ-4000 water filter, this kit comes complete with mounting bracket, supply line “T” fittings (3/8” brass and 1/2” PVC provided for installation without a trip to the hardware store), deluxe faucet in the brushed nickel finish, and illustrated instructions. You can read the illustrated instructions that come with the kit, find them online, or watch the video instructions here.

Making your counters look more attractive while still having a water filter is simple. Simply use the Aquasana AQ-4055 Premium Under-Sink Install Kit In Brushed Nickel to turn your above sink water filtration system into an under the sink version and you’ll have the clean, healthy water you want in no time at all.

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