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AQ-4205 Aquasana Deluxe Combo Pack #2

If the idea of a whole house water filtration system isn't exactly what you were thinking of when it comes to providing healthy water in your home, you should consider the AQ-4205 Aquasana Deluxe Combo Pack #2. Our AQ-4205 Aquasana Deluxe Combo Pack #2 includes two of the best Aquasana products, both of which have the unique Aquasana filter system.

Numerous studies have shown that filtered water is much better for you than regular tap water. The Deluxe Combo Pack #2 ensures that you will have the best water available for you because both pieces of this combo pack come complete with a filtering system that has made Aquasana the number one value for years. These filters work in two stages:

The AQ-4205 Aquasana Deluxe Combo Pack #2 comes with a shower filter with a handheld massager and a countertop sink filter. More specifically, it comes with two of the Aquasana products voted to be the best value in home water filters for four years in a row by Consumers Digest. These two products are:

Get the most from your water by choosing our Deluxe Combo Pack #2. It is an alternative to whole house systems and includes an easy to install countertop sink filter and a shower head filter with a handheld massager, both of which use the unique Aquasana filtering system.

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